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Our First Blog!


A lot has been going on with Starlight Theatre Academy this year, we celebrated our third birthday and with that some changes have come along. When I started Starlight Theatre Academy in January 2016, it was a tiny school with only SIX members, I never imagined we’d get this far. We now run a very successful Starlets class, for our little stars aged 4-7. I’ve loved working with this age group in companies in Nottingham, and was delighted to be able to create an STA version here in Newark, focusing on my favourite things about this age group, and what I feel is important. As you know, if you already attend STA, for me the arts are more about what you can learn as a person that the performance you put on. My aim with STA is to build confidence, and help children realise early on that it’s okay to be different. So with Starlets, we are all about the FUN. Yes, we do a mini script, song or dance each term, and we love to to show off what we’ve learnt. I love my little Starlets, and it has been especially wonderful for me to welcome back to Starlight, Katie White. Katie attended when she was 14 and played Captain Hook in our adaptation of Peter Pan. She now teaches dance with us, and the Starlets love her, as do I!


We’ve also done our first Birthday Party! Starlight Birthday Parties are something I’m very excited to bring in, lots of fun and frolics for the birthday boy or girl, plus they learn how to be a Superhero, Princess, Knight… whatever they want to be! I also got a super cool cape. I was happy with my cape.

Oh, and I’ve loved so much the extra things I’ve been able to add to Starlight, that I decided that we could do more… So over half term I’ve moved into Balderton. My husband has a garage full of props and scenery for us, and I have my own little office to plan for our future at Starlight…. I’m thinking after school classes, sensory for toddles, maybe even some adult classes? I’d love to know what you’d like to see next for Starlight!

I’d also love to know what you’d like to know more about, for my next blog. Do you want to know about the staff here? Or how I write the scripts? Holiday clubs? Let me know!

Starlight is my little family, and I am so proud of it, and so excited to see what this next year brings.

Emily xx

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